A Groom’s Easy Way to Write his Own Vow

Writing a wedding vow is easy. Just begin by write “I, groom, take you, bride, to be my wife because…” Then add two or three reasons that make you so proud to have HER as your wife.Why did you ask her to marry you? Is she beautiful? Is she kind, understand, funny or a great lover? Do you feel amazing when you are near her-strong, smart, manly, sure of yourself? These are just some ideas. The reasons you asked her to marry you might be very different. But I bet they are awesome and she will love hearing them on your wedding day.

You can then go to add “As you husband, I promise…” Then add two or three things you would like to promise her. What promises would you like to make? Will you support her, help her reach her goals, make her laugh, fill her life with your understanding? What do you think she would like to hear you say on this amazing day? You know her pretty well now and you know what promises she needs. You are her man and you know her. Add that do your vow. Then you are done. You have written a vow that is going to “blow her away”  with you love and your understanding. But then again, she picked you so she knows what an amazing guy you are!

Great Words for a Guy on his Wedding Day

This groom really enjoyed saying his wedding vows.


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