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Sold Out Venues and Booked Vendors are NOT a Problem!

Some people are getting really discouraged and think that their wedding plans won’t be the same. Because there are so many venues that are sold out and so many vendors are booked solid. It seems there are just so many couples rushing to be married. Don’t be discouraged! Here are a few  great ideas that… Read more »

Best Hats For Groomsmen

Hey guys! Here’s a classy new look for your wedding.  HATS FOR GROOMSMEN Usually the only person at a wedding with anything on her head is the bride. Veils are beautiful and many brides chose a veil that flows gently behind her. Some veils flow all the way to ground and sometimes they might flow… Read more »

Five Ideas to Guarantee a Fun Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, it can start to feel like the littlest details are taking over your life: how many guests are coming? How many hotel reservations do you need? What if Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe are at the same table and cause a scene? Well, forget about the stress for a minute… Read more »