Best Hats For Groomsmen

Hey guys! Here’s a classy new look for your wedding. 


Usually the only person at a wedding with anything on her head is the bride. Veils are beautiful and many brides chose a veil that flows gently behind her. Some veils flow all the way to ground and sometimes they might flow a few feet behind her (cathedral length.) A few brides, a very few, chose a veil that covers her face reminiscent of ancient times.

Maybe a few weddings will have bride’s maids with something very simple and colorful in their hair.

But a hat for the GROOM and/or GROOMSMEN is something new. It’s a style that lets the men in your wedding party look elegant and add a touch of personality to your celebration. Notice these groom’s men chose a different types of hats that match their personalities and their ages. They look serious in this picture. But they spent most of the time having a great time “stylin’ ” with those hats.

What is really so much fun is that when a man chooses a special hat, he can also choose classy decorative feature that can be placed in the headband. The groom’s man standing on the bride’s left chose an ostrich feather with a shiny silvery accent. The groom’s man leaning to her left chose a speckled feather with a simple metal accent. The guys’ trip together to the hat shop is a great idea for letting men have a lot of fun as they are get ready for a wedding.

This couple also invited other special men in their wedding party to select a hat for their special day. Notice the father of the bride chose a hat in the tradition style of the rancheros. While the hat chosen for the baby was puzzling to him. Everyone else just couldn’t get enough pictures of him

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