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Backyard Wedding

As a wedding officiant in Southern California, it’s so much fun when families take advantage of a beautiful back yard as their wedding venue. It is much calmer and a great setting for family members of all ages to enjoy the day. I walked into this family home about 30 minutes before the wedding. Kids… Read more »

A Groom’s Great Shoes

When the time comes for an engaged couple to start talking about what the groom will wear, the conversation about shoes is usually fairly short. Here is a groom with a great sense of fun on his wedding day.  John Cary chose  to do something a little different with his shoes on the day he… Read more »

Yellow with Gray Accents

Have you ever thought you might like to have a lovely spring wedding with yellow and gray accents? Here are a newly wed couple that chose those very colors for their wedding day. This beautiful ceremony took place at Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center, California. The style was casual and elegant. As their wedding… Read more »

Rockin’ Your Traditions

As a wedding officiant, I often hear engaged couples say that they had to add “something” to their wedding ceremony for the  “the grandmas or the aunties.” I understand the desire to have a unique, modern wedding and also keep the family happy knowing that their traditions are remembered and honored. Here is a bride… Read more »

What to Ask When Shopping for Your Wedding Dress

As you make arrangements to shop for your wedding dress, there are probably a million and one things rolling around inside your head. On the one hand, you’re extremely excited and are ready to make some fun memories but on the other hand, you’re nervous. There are so many options out there – how do… Read more »

Gone But Not Forgotten: Honoring Deceased Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Planning your wedding day is something that everyone dreams of; starting forever with the love of your life while making memories with your family and closest friends surrounding you. But what about those who have passed on too soon? Always keep in mind that if you so choose, it is not uncommon to acknowledge the… Read more »

Holiday Fun or Wedding Plans

  During the holiday season, many brides are so busy they aren’t sure if it’s better to just enjoy the season and then make wedding plans or try to do both. As your wedding minister, I recommend that if the wedding ceremony is in January, February or March, it’s better to continue the wedding plans…. Read more »

Make Your Wedding Ceremony Vows Your Own!

  A wedding in Temecula, CA included not just a pinky promise but an “all fingers” vow. How great to be the wedding officiant for such a loving marriage on the Pechanga Reservation!  

Simple Bridal Veil

  Here is Terra, a beautiful bride who chose a simple net veil. Do you like it as much as the feathers and veil material of Kaylee’s hat in yesterday’s post?

Warmth of a Wedding

  When Evan and Jessica began their wedding, it was COLD and dark. But by the time they said their vows, we were all basking in warm sunlight. It says something of the warmth of love can add to the weather.