Great Wedding Vows for Grooms

great wedding vows for grooms

So the person you are about to marry is really excited about each of you finding just the right vow. You love him/her so very much and would do anything for him/her.

But… REALLY… vows???  Maybe you were hoping to just “repeat” after your officiant?

So you jumped onto the computer in desperation looking for something that’s really great, “original,” and will make the moment of your vow absolutely amazing. Yes, that’s the vow your looking for!

You have some ideas. Maybe you should talk about how you met? You think about how you just “knew” the first time you saw her/him that here was someone special. Maybe you should begin with that?

Yes, I’ll grant you that sounds like a great beginning. But is it really a vow? It definitely is a good opener to talk the very best part of meeting the amazing person you about to marry.

But what is more amazing is that you have come to a special wedding venue on this the very day of your marriage to tell your fiancé/e and all the world that you vow to be his/her HUSBAND.

That’s really the vow you want to make and actually, it’s the vow that the law requires.  Nothing more and nothing less!

But wait! There is so much more you want to say! This is a “once in a lifetime” day for the two of you. So what does a committing yourself to being a husband really mean to you? Good question! With that in mind, you are really ready to find THE VERY BEST VOW!

You probably want to include “love” in your vow. But do you want to say something like “till death do us part?” Or the word, “forever?” Maybe you’re more realistic and are OK with just leaving that part out?

What do you think that “loving” includes? Best friend? Partner?  The one with whom to share your secrets? As a HUSBAND what role do you think you will play in your spouse’s life? What role to you want to play?

Here’s The Most Popular Wedding Vows For A Groom

Maybe these are some GREAT questions to think about. But right now you need a vow…at least a starting point! So here’s one of the most popular ones that grooms have chosen in my over 25 years of being a wedding officiant. I hope you enjoy it.

(Your fiancé/e’s name), today I join my life to yours, not only as your husband, but also as your partner, your friend, your confidant and your lover. Let me be the shoulder that you lean on, the rock upon which your, rest and the companion of your life. With you, I will walk my path from this day forward.

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