How to Minimize Wedding Stress

bride stress

Planning a wedding is stressful; on that point, there is no need to argue. Few intend to succumb to this stress, but the demands of wedding planning can quickly turn even the most level-headed bride-to-be into “Bridezilla”. Luckily, following these four wedding planning tips will help keep you relaxed during the process.

  • Outsource whenever possible. This means enlisting the help of willing family and friends for anything between addressing the invitations, and addressing the “thank-yous”. Beware of taking on too many DIY projects, however; staying up all night hot gluing decorations is not the way to spend the night before the big day.


  • If you have room in your budget, having a wedding planner— even if only for the day of your wedding—can help things run a whole lot smoother. This way, you and the rest of your loved ones can relax and enjoy the hard work you’ve put into planning this special day, while someone else worries about the details.


  • Don’t get lost in planning. Regularly set time for yourself to decompress, whether that’s through a hobby, getting a massage, or doing yoga. Self-nurturing activities like these will help you avoid letting wedding plans take over your life.

And, perhaps the most important point of all…


Keep everything in perspective. In the end, your wedding is just one day. Your loved ones are there to celebrate the union of you and the love of your life, not to critique the place settings. After everything is said and done, the worst thing you can do when planning your wedding is forget to have fun.

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