Ideas to Help You Create a Personal, Unique Wedding Ceremony

A Special and Unique Vow

Each of us has our own personality and quirks that make up who we are and what we’re known for. When couples get together, often times their personalities combine and overlap like a Venn diagram, where certain traits are shared, while others remain unique to the individual, yet somehow complements the other. Whatever way you choose to look at it, one thing is for certain – each couple is unique; the wedding ceremony should be, too.

No one should ever have a “cookie cutter” wedding ceremony for the simple fact that they believed they had to. Each ceremony should be a perfect representation of you both and the unique love that you share. With the cookie cutter idea in mind, your wedding ceremony should be a lot like decorating a Christmas cookie; begin with a plain sugar cookie (the basic elements of a wedding ceremony) then begin decorating with your favorite candies, frosting and sprinkles (incorporating your own interpretations, words and special elements to the ceremony).

If you’re still unsure how to create your special cookie – I mean, wedding ceremony that lets your personalities shine though, here are some ideas to get the inspiration flowing.

Write your own wedding vows
What better way to put your personality into your wedding ceremony than by writing down your true feelings about your significant other in your wedding vows? Writing your own vows allows you to open up your heart in front of your closest friends and family to profess aloud the reasons you love your other half and why you’re happy to begin your lifelong journey together. You can make it as funny and silly or heartfelt and serious as you’d like.

Offer a refreshment stand
Outdoor ceremonies are so beautiful; uniting with another surrounded by the beauty of nature just brings it to the next level. Whether you’ve decided you’d like to have a pre-ceremony cocktail hour or you’d just like to give guests something to enjoy during your ceremony, setting up a refreshment stand is a great added element that your guests will appreciate.

Custom design your wedding program
Besides mentioning the order of the ceremony, you can give your friends and family something fun to read that reflects your relationship. You can include facts about how and where you met or your first date; or give them a little booklet of activities like a crossword puzzle or fill-in-the-blanks with facts about you two. This will help tell your story in a fun and unique way.

Include close people or pets in the ceremony
In many ways, we have been molded into the people we are today because of those we’re surrounded by. If you or your significant other has a person in their life that may not be in the wedding party, but is very important to them and this moment, allow them to read a meaningful piece of literature during the ceremony (whether religious or otherwise). It’s also fair to mention that humans aren’t the only loved ones in our lives; if the two of you have a pet that you love like your own child, have them present in the ceremony, too – especially if the ceremony is outdoors.

Whatever you find meaningful to you both, symbolic of your beliefs, symbolic of your relationship or your personalities, or just something that you both find enjoyable – add it to your wedding ceremony. This day is all about you two, and your love and commitment to one another; it’s a special occasion that only comes once, so do it your way!

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