Things You Can’t Plan

trains-17aIMG_1362Most engaged couples who are planning their wedding have thought through EVERYTHING down to the slightest detail. When I talked with Nancy and Greg about their marriage, we discussed the fact that it was not far from a railroad track. As an officiant I had celebrated many weddings in that very place and I assured them that IF the train(s) came by the timing would be PERFECT. They trusted me. BUT I am never quite sure.

On July 4, 2014, I began to hear the rails rumbling just as the wedding ceremony was about to end. I knew that if I spoke a little faster the train and it’s dozens of cars would ROAR through at the perfect moment. “I NOW PRONOUNCE YOU HUSBAND AND WIFE!” were the words that flew from my mouth just as the train rolled into view. Guests applauded and yelled. The mariachis added trumpet notes and guitar chords. Who could have planned?  Yes, it was a magical moment.

Many things happen at a wedding that would NEVER be planned. Once the day is planned though, let it flow with all the magic that awaits!! Usually they are the things that make the most precious moments of the day!

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