Tips for Choosing a First-Dance Song When Your Fiancé’s Tastes Differ From Yours

The song that you and your fiancé plan to dance to at your wedding reception is a very big deal. Sure, things like choosing the right officiant or venue may be much higher on your list of things to sort out, but this is one detail that definitely matters.

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One of the biggest mistakes that engaged couples make regarding the first-dance song is assuming that it will be a piece of cake to decide. This isn’t just any old song; what you and your fiancé choose will forever be “your song” from the moment you step out on that dance floor as man and wife. Talk about pressure – especially when you both have completely different tastes in music.

For some couples, it’s easy; they simply choose a song that serves as memory. Maybe there was a certain song that was playing during their first kiss, or perhaps their first date was at a concert. But what do you do when no momentous song comes to mind, and your heart is set on a classic Brad Paisley song while your fiancé insists on a tune from Jack’s Mannequin?

First thing’s first: you each need to make a list of all of your dream first-dance songs. Once that’s done, sit down together and see if you have anything in common. This doesn’t mean that you have to search for that one song that you both wrote down, because it’s possible that you won’t find it. Instead, see if you have any overlapping genres or different songs by the same artist. From there, you can make a new, joint list and decide which of them speaks volumes to your unique relationship.

If you still can’t agree on one song, consider the fact that song mash-ups are very popular these days. Talk with your DJ and see if there is a way that you can play your choice song halfway through and then switch over to his. Chances are your DJ will be willing to work with you.

Have some of your own tips on how to compromise over the first-dance song? Let us know in the comments section below!


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