Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Once all of the emotion, fun and chaos of your wedding is over with, one very significant thing that you and your new spouse have to look forward to is some good quality one-on-one time. That’s right; we’re talking about your honeymoon! Unfortunately with all of the attention that putting together a wedding requires, planning the honeymoon often takes the backseat. Don’t let it fall through the cracks! Take some time away from planning the wedding and really think about your dream vacation. Here are a few great tips to keep in mind when you do so:

Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon | Ceremonies

Take Your Interests Into Consideration – Too many couples choose their honeymoon destination based on what everyone else is doing. If you’ve never really had an interest in traveling to Italy or the Bahamas or wherever else your friends have honeymooned, then don’t go! You can always consult with a honeymoon planner or a travel agent to get ideas of places to go that fit well with things you enjoy doing.

Be Aware of Hidden Costs – Anywhere you travel these days can be pretty pricey. For those who are planning to travel abroad or to a remote island, however, there can actually be some shocking fees that pop up along the way. When booking your trip, be mindful of visa and airport transfer fees to ensure that you stay on budget. If you are planning to stay at an all-inclusive resort, make sure that you know whether or not transportation to and from the airport is included.

Avoid Leaving Immediately After the Wedding – Your calendar has been filled with vendor appointments, fittings, hair and makeup trials and, of course, the wedding itself for months now. Give yourselves a break for one or two days where you aren’t obligated to do anything. Just lounge around with one another and get some packing done.

Most importantly, make sure that when you finally get to your honeymoon that you take time to relax and truly enjoy the fact that you are now married to the love of your life. The wedding is over; all of the guests have gone home and now is the time to savor the first few moments of this new and exciting chapter of your life together.

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