Sold Out Venues and Booked Vendors are NOT a Problem!

Some people are getting really discouraged and think that their wedding plans won’t be the same. Because there are so many venues that are sold out and so many vendors are booked solid. It seems there are just so many couples rushing to be married. Don’t be discouraged! Here are a few  great ideas that will guarantee you will have a really exciting wedding on the day of your choice with as many guests as you’d like.

Air BnBs or VRBOs for Your Wedding Venue

Many of the traditional wedding venues are either closed or sold out. So many couples have discovered Air BnBs or VRBOs. These are the homes of individual families that can be rented for just the weekend. They are usually fabulous, huge homes that are beautifully landscaped. Many wedding parties spend the night before the wedding at the house, as well as the night after. So there will be no worries about “lost guests” or partiers driving after the reception. Your closest friends can do all the cooking if they enjoy that. Or they can bring all their favorite dishes and have a wonderful time together creating your wedding buffet. They will have a great time before the ceremony as well as the whole day after. In this way, you can also keep your costs down.

Independent Caterers & Restaurants

Also, you might want to be sure to check out independent caterers.  They are still many who can and will prepare absolutely amazing meals for your rehearsal dinner or your wedding reception. Remember too, that many of the restaurants you loved are now also doing take out and catering. So as you consider this option, remember you can now have some of your favorite dishes at fresh are ready to dazzle your guests. You will also be providing work for those who have missed a lot of paychecks during the Covid. Caterers and their staffs will also adhere to all the strictest Covid 19 guidelines just in case some of your guests may need that. As things open up, there are a lot of independent caterers that are dazzling everyone with fabulous menus from the first appetizer to the late night snacks.

Having Your Wedding in the Garden

Like all officiant and celebrants, I am so excited with all the possibilities of a wedding in the garden. Here is a place for you to show your creativity and flair with your wedding planning The couple in the picture came all the way from Germany and created an amazing ceremony using all the levels of a tiered garden to seat their guests. Guests were well separated according to the safest guidelines. It was really magical and they would probably do it again even if they didn’t have to. The nicest weddings ever, usually happen outside as sunshine and gentle breezes enrich the ceremony for you and all your guests.

Hope you enjoyed these ideas. I have more and I hope you’ll leave a note telling me what you thought.

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