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Excited But Scared-Easying into Wedding Planning

Beginning your wedding planning can be terrifying. But here are some ideas that will help you ease into planning a wonderful wedding that is just right for you and your guests. You look down at beautiful new engagement ring sparkling in your lives. You’ve both just said, “YES, let’s DO THIS. Let’s get married!” It’s… Read more »

Problem Parents at Your Wedding

There are many wonderful things that can happen with your moms and dad during a wedding. But you know too, that there are also problems that arise. Their problems don’t have to be your problems! Let’s take a few examples. Your mom and dad aren’t married to each other and don’t get along. Your wedding… Read more »

How to Minimize Wedding Stress

Planning a wedding is stressful; on that point, there is no need to argue. Few intend to succumb to this stress, but the demands of wedding planning can quickly turn even the most level-headed bride-to-be into “Bridezilla”. Luckily, following these four wedding planning tips will help keep you relaxed during the process. Outsource whenever possible…. Read more »