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Staying Cool at Summer Weddings

Beating the heat is the theme every summer, with everyone trying to stay cool with time in the shade, in front of their fans or hanging out in air conditioning. But what about staying frosty during summer weddings? Standing out in the summer sun and wearing formal attire, you can warm up quickly – especially if you’re a groomsman wearing a full tux with vest and jacket. Here are a few ways for you and your wedding party to beat the heat this summer.

Lighter Fabrics

Hotter weather can make typical wedding clothing into a stifling oven, so choosing a more breathable material for your gown or bridesmaid dresses can make a world of difference for staying comfortable. Instead of going with silk for dresses, try something like chiffon or crepe, says Southern Bride & Groom Magazine. For the groom and groomsmen, swapping out a traditionally stuffy tux for linen or seersucker can be a great option, or even ditching pants in favor of dressy shorts for a less traditional, but more comfortable choice.

Outside WeddingHigh Hair

Another great way for the bride and the wedding party to stay cool is opting for high hairstyles that keep hair off the neck area. By keeping your hair up, breezes can more effectively keep you cool and help prevent you from sweating and messing up your hair or even your dress! There are many lofty styles that look great and formal, so you can look radiant and stay cool at the same time.

Water, Water Everywhere

The heat and humidity of summer can easily drain you and your guests and lead to a sweaty mess of a wedding. Stay cool and hydrated throughout the big day with hydration stations set up at your reception and even your ceremony location. Offer guests and members of the wedding party cool water, iced tea or lemonade to keep cool and refreshed, recommends Offbeat Bride. In addition, if you’re looking for a unique location for your ceremony or reception, planning your event lakeside or on an ocean beach can help too. Fresh breezes from the cooler water will help you keep your cool, and offer a fantastic backdrop for your special day.

Bride and Groom Beach SandStart Later

Your wedding day is all yours to plan, so why not plan to start a bit later in the day? By scheduling your ceremony for off-peak hours – typically after 3 p.m. during the summer months – you can minimize the effect the sun has on your day. Shade will often be more abundant with the sun not directly overhead, and the peak heating hours will be winding down, giving way to the cooler evening breezes.

Cool Wedding Favors

Lastly, offer your guests and wedding party members a memorable and cool takeaway from your wedding with your wedding favors. There are many great options, says Charlotte Magazine, including customized fans or personalized water bottles. If your ceremony and/or reception will be outside, giving guests unique mini bottles of sunscreen or sunglasses are another great option to thank them for coming and help keep them protected from the sun.

No matter how you approach it, summer is a hot time of year for weddings – literally – but you can keep your cool with these great tips. Whether you’re planning your wedding for summer, fall, winter or spring, contact Janet Westall to get started on organizing your special, customized ceremony today!

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