Holidays Can Make Your Wedding Day Even More Special

With the Fourth of July falling on a Saturday this year, it’s easy to think of other notable holidays that might coincide with a couple’s pending nuptials. While it’s a bit late for planning an Independence Day wedding – but here are 14 ideas for the Fourth from The Knot to consider for the future – there are several other holidays that would make for a great and unique wedding day.

HalloweenZombie Bride and Groom

While the words “dressing up” when associated with weddings usually means tuxes and elegant dresses, there’s no reason you couldn’t (pumpkin) spice up your wedding day with a costume theme. Just in love with the day, but want to keep the attire formal? No problem! Consider adding splashes of orange to your dress or suit with flowers, or accent pieces like an orange ribbon or tie. You can also plan orange, green and black in other places, like dessert options or even colors on your wedding cake itself.

Valentine’s Day

Another holiday that’s perhaps a bit more common as a wedding date is Valentine’s Day. Already a day devoted to love and romance, the day will be easy to remember year after year, and make it extra special for you both forever more. It’s easy to add pink accents or red flourishes to your wedding day, with floral bouquets, red and pink shirts and ties and many other great options. Just be wary of other couples who may be envious of your amazing Valentine’s Day expressions of love!

Christmas CoupleChristmas

It’s almost impossible to successfully plan a Christmas wedding, since so many of your prospective guests and wedding party members will undoubtedly want to dedicate the day to celebrating with their families and friends. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t throw a themed wedding around Christmas. String up Christmas lights down the aisle and hang a bit of mistletoe above the altar, or even use them as a boutonniere option. You can also incorporate other Christmastime features, like snowflake patterns on your dress or cake.

New Year’s Eve

As a last option – quite literally! – you could explore a New Year’s Eve wedding date. Hold a late ceremony and have the guests count down as the ball drops, or even as a lead in to your first kiss as a married couple. Since you’ll have many of your friends and family surrounding you, you can kick in the new year and the new page in your life in style. Plus, your wedding anniversary will be a snap to remember – even if recalling the right year might get tricky as time goes on.

Have you ever considered a holiday wedding or themed nuptials? Share your experience with us in the comments below!


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