Fabulous Same-Sex Wedding Ideas

same sex marraigeThankfully, same-sex weddings are becoming more and more common and extremely popular. Many young couples are living in a new time in our existence, and many veteran couples are finally getting to experience the splendor of a wedding ceremony.

With all this freedom and newness in the air, same-sex weddings are grabbing the attention of stylists, decorators, and designers. This is a whole new world for many wedding coordinators, as alternative couples seem to also bring new and fresh ideas to the wedding table.

Wedding ideas for same-sex couples are as plentiful and unique as each of their personalities. As with any wedding, you can think waaaay outside of the box and create your own magical version of this special day. From fantasy and whimsy, to downright comical; now for your enjoyment, here are a few of the most fabulous same-sex wedding ideas floating around the web.

Decorate with Subtle Humor and Wit

If you are a relatively traditional couple in personality and really want your wedding to hint to a more nostalgic time period in history, then fun and games and wild colors, may not be for you. However you can share the significance of your same-sex wedding by dropping little subtle hints, like signs that say things like “pick a seat, not a side- either way it’s for a bride;” perfect for this year’s outdoor and garden ceremonies.

Get Your Guests into the Celebration

It’s always lots of fun when your guests get in on the act. Have some clever buttons created for your guests to wear and hand them out as gifts at the entrance to the reception. T-shirts are another way to send your guests home with a sentimental and wearable memory of your wedding.

Celebrate the Causesame sex marriage

There are still many places in the country, and the world, where same-sex marriages are not recognized and also shunned. So, on your special day, celebrate you and your partner while also bringing to your guests’ attention that we still have a long way to go, baby.

One way to do this is to decorate with the rainbow flag using your tablecloths, table decor, and cake, to display your gay pride.

Say It All in Your Wedding Announcement

You can begin celebrating your big day by making a cool statement with your wedding announcements and invitations. There is no law that says you must send traditional invitations. As a matter of fact, you can create your own rules for how you want others to know that you’re getting hitched.

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