Putting New Spin on Treasured Traditions

If you were to plan a wedding even two decades ago, there would have been staples: a cake, a white gown, a bride and a groom.

Just like everything else, weddings have changed! You can customize it however you would like, and highlight the parts that mean the most to you and your spouse-to-be.

cupcake standCut the Cake…. Out!

For those couples who don’t like cake, or don’t want to deal with certain food allergies, are getting rid of it all together. You can substitute other desserts for the cake, depending on what you like. Couples have switched it up by using pie instead. It’s still a classic dessert; just different enough to shake it up.

Or, you could consider having a dessert bar instead. This could mean an ice cream sundae station, a candy station, or even a cookie station. Not only is it fun to do something a little different, it could be easier on your budget, as well.

First Chance to Boogie

Traditionally, the first dance at a wedding is a slow song. This can be changed out as well. Many feel it better suites their style to dance to a crazy or fun song, or choreograph something fun. This can be a great stress reliever after a long day.

Think about it- ever hear a song that fits your relationship perfectly, but isn’t necessarily one that you would dreamily sway to? Here is your chance to use that song!

Flinging the Foliagefun wedding

Better known as the bouquet toss, friends might not always want to participate in this event. People tend to either get trampled or rumored that they will soon get married themselves- and no one likes that kind of attention!

A great alternative is instead is to honor a select few with personal notes and presenting the bouquet as a token to someone who means something special to you. This could be a close friend, a mentor, or your parents.

Rice… Lots of Rice

Instead of the dramatic exit where people throw rice (or some choose bubbles), many couples now choose to stay and dance the night away. This allows the couple to send off each guest and personally thank them for coming.

Lifting the Bubbly

Instead of doing to typical toast where a handful of people raise their glass to the couple, you could use this time as your chance to thank your guests for coming, and possibly personalize it with special mentions and thanking the bridal party in detail.

Your wedding can be your own and you can personalize your ceremony or reception!


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