Sprucing Up Your Save The Date Cards

Save the date cards are the newest things to personalize in your wedding. You can make them as personalized as you like, adding a more formal or informal touch.

However, if you’re looking for boring and conventional, this is not the blog post for you.

Use HumorSave the Date Smiths

One way to make your save the date cards stand out is to use some humor. Make your family and friends laugh when they open the envelope!

Take a picture of you and your future spouse saving the date, whether that be saving it from falling off a cliff or from getting injured. Be punny and save your date! You can also take a funny photo to make a memorable card, such as pretending the bride is dragging the groom to the altar, bridezilla style.

Getting your pets involved is another great option. Animals are known for their candid nature and can make for some funny pictures. And, if they’re better tempered than most animals, dress them up for the big announcement.

Be Cutesy

Use a picture from your engagement photo shoot. These are typically done professionally, and in many cases there will be pictures that showcase the ring. These stylish pictures make great options to use for your card. As a bonus, try editing the photo and adding the date to the photo itself.

If you didn’t think that far ahead, then never fear! Make a cute photo shoot part of your card project and tailor your pictures to the special occasion.

Another great option to add a fun and retro look is to take pictures in a photo booth. Not only will this be extremely fun for the two of you, but you can work in some very cute pictures and funny faces, as well.

Get Family Involved

Do you have kids already? Why not use them in the card as well? They can help you hold up signs telling everyone when the special day is. Incorporating your children into an announcement also makes a great way to announce a new pregnancy as well!

Save the date cards don’t have to be bland with just a bit of customizing. For even more personalization for your wedding ceremony, contact Janet Westall today!

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