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Make Your Reception Fun: Play a Game!

The most entertaining thing about a wedding is usually when the best man or the maid of honor divulges the most hilarious story about the couple and how it got them to where they are today. DJs or Bands do provide a source of entertainment for your guests, but what about the people who do… Read more »

Small Wedding? 4 Great Planning Tips!

So you’ve decided to have a small wedding? Great! A small, intimate affair sounds like the perfect wedding. A wedding where you’ll be able to mingle, talk to all of your guests and really share your special day with the most special people in your life! It’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of… Read more »

Fabulous Same-Sex Wedding Ideas

Thankfully, same-sex weddings are becoming more and more common and extremely popular. Many young couples are living in a new time in our existence, and many veteran couples are finally getting to experience the splendor of a wedding ceremony. With all this freedom and newness in the air, same-sex weddings are grabbing the attention of… Read more »

Putting New Spin on Treasured Traditions

If you were to plan a wedding even two decades ago, there would have been staples: a cake, a white gown, a bride and a groom. Just like everything else, weddings have changed! You can customize it however you would like, and highlight the parts that mean the most to you and your spouse-to-be. Cut… Read more »

Officiant for a Catholic Wedding in a Venue

Many brides and grooms who are from the Catholic tradition want to have their weddings outdoors in destinations like Wine Country of Temecula, CA. As an officiant, I have had training and experience in providing you with a beautiful Catholic wedding that can also include some of your own style and preferences. Then you can… Read more »

Buying and Signing Your Wedding License

Most couples preparing for marriage don’t know a lot about getting a marriage license. So here are a few words of advice. In California, the marriage license is issued by the County Clerk’s Office. You can buy your license in any county and use it in any other county. So if you are planning a… Read more »

Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Once all of the emotion, fun and chaos of your wedding is over with, one very significant thing that you and your new spouse have to look forward to is some good quality one-on-one time. That’s right; we’re talking about your honeymoon! Unfortunately with all of the attention that putting together a wedding requires, planning… Read more »

Writing your Vows Right

Most couples who write their own vows do it WRONG. Each bride and groom wants to make their wedding ceremony unique, something special that isn’t what everyone else is doing. So they decide to write their own vows. As the officiant at their marriage, I see many beautiful tributes the bride writes to the groom… Read more »

Things You Can’t Plan

Most engaged couples who are planning their wedding have thought through EVERYTHING down to the slightest detail. When I talked with Nancy and Greg about their marriage, we discussed the fact that it was not far from a railroad track. As an officiant I had celebrated many weddings in that very place and I assured… Read more »